Tree Insect Infestation
and Tree Disease Treatment 

In order to ensure that your trees are healthy, we provide routine insect and disease inspections. If neglected, insects can very quickly harm a tree. If you notice that your tree’s canopy is thinning, there are numerous holes in a tree’s bark, or your tree has discolored leaves, contact us right away. At Arkadien Tree Care, we offer a range of insect and disease treatments to ensure that your trees stay safe and healthy.  

Professional Tree Pruning Makes a Difference

Tree trimming can greatly improve the lifespan of your trees. However, this task should be left to the professionals in order to be done well. If pruning is done improperly, trees can actually be damaged and have weakened limbs. Here at Arkadien Tree Care, we offer high-quality tree inspection and pruning in order to ensure that your trees and your property are safe. Give us a call today to schedule your tree pruning service in Bloomsburg, PA, and surrounding areas.  

Keeping Your Landscape Beautiful in Danville

Our highly skilled arborists have experience working with trees of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Our arborist is ISA-Certified and has all of the knowledge and experience necessary to identify problem sites quickly and effectively. Keep your Dansville landscape beautiful and give us a call today. 

Advanced Cabling and Bracing Methods

Here at Arkadien Tree Care, it is our mission to not only help homeowners create a beautiful landscape but also protect the trees on their property. We offer a range of bracing and cabling services that will be used in combination to help support your trees and reduce the stress of extreme weather conditions.

Inspections and After-care Service

We offer annual inspections and properly installed support systems in order to ensure that your trees will flourish. Here at Arkadien Tree Care, we specialize in safe and effective cabling and bracing systems that can adjust to the natural growth of your trees. Contact us now to learn more about our tree inspections, cabling, and bracing methods in Bloomsburg, PA, and surrounding areas.